Easily digitize and protect sensitive information.

CINCEL is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) focused on streamlining, ensuring and transparent to bureaucratic processes within instances of public and private organizations.
The system allows to digitalize, audit, sign, certify and safeguard digital documents and contracts that are transacted.

Adds certainty and security to any digital document management lifecycle.

All the digital assets in one place.





Relies on the Blockchain to certify your documents in a decentralized repository. 

Simple process for digital transfer of ownership.

Document Integrity with no risk to privacy

  • Create a single, immutable and permanent version of the truth.

Proof of Existence and Ownership.

  • Untamperable evidence that an agreement was reached at a certain point time.
  • Audit for a document ownership from anywhere and by anyone with access.

Only unique file identifiers are uploaded to the blockchain.

Cincel Blockchain Imagen